Operation and Maintenance

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Operation and Maintenance

Our Operations and Maintenance specialist services cover wide aspect of operations and maintenance, from construction and commissioning to eventual decommissioning. We offer turn-key services across the life-cycle of a facility within the oil, gas and power industries.

Our operation and maintenance services include;

Blasting, Painting & Surface Protection Services

MENL’s specialist surface preparation and protective coatings teams work to extremely exacting standards, using the latest technology to deliver advanced solutions to our customers. Our painting and coating solutions are not only available on site, but can be carried out in a controlled environment at our premises to avoid disruption to your operations.

Surface Preparation

We offer a range of surface preparation solutions with varying work method approaches according to the specialities on site. This ranges from fine blast material such as glass bead for the removal of residues from highly sensitive equipment, to chilled iron and steel shot used mainly in areas where reclamation and re-use can take place.


Hydro Blasting/UHP Jetting

Our operatives are trained to the highest standards and our services are fully BSI compliant.

Before applying protective coatings, standard high pressure water jetting is an excellent solution for the removal of contaminants from almost every industrial surface. Ultra High Pressure (UHP) jetting is an ideal surface preparation method for the removal of substances such as old coatings containing lead. As with all work undertaken in this environmentally sensitive area, we ensure full compliance with the Control of Lead at Work Regulations.


Specialist Coatings

We are able to offer high quality solutions both on and off site, producing the ultimate standards of protection for today’s corrosion requirements. An extensive range of anti-corrosive resistant primers, build up coats and finishes, polyurethane and epoxy resins are available to produce excellent standards of protection for steel and most metal surfaces.

Flange Management and Bolting Services

MENL provide flange management and torqueing services to the oil & gas processing industry. We are able to select and use the correct flange, valves, gaskets & bolt using our procedures and Method for the management of client facility. We have experienced technicians and torqueing equipment for project delivery.

Our Flange & Bolting Services Included:

  • Joint Data Management
  • Manual Bolt Torqueing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Torqueing
  • Hydraulic Bolt Tensioning
  • Joint Breakout
  • Flange Spreading
  • Flange facing
  • Pipe bevelling
  • Hydraulic Nut Splitting

We utilize the latest technology to ensure that high quality services are provided to our clients and offers you full guaranty on the following:

  • Assurance of uniform bolt loading and gasket compression
  • Quicker assembly, disassembly of the joint
  • Safety, prevention of accidents
  • Prevention of fastener damage

Our specialists also offer complete project management of all bolting requirements from start to finish, including the design of tightening procedures, advice on preferred equipment to be utilised, on the job installation and tightening, and post job reporting.

We use the safest, most advanced and versatile equipment in the industry which, when combined with our specialist integrity support provides an unparalleled service to our clients. Our total job capability uniquely positions us to provide a full project solution without the requirement for multiple contractors.

Industrial Cleaning Services

We provide industrial cleaning solutions to a wide variety of industries. Specialized Industrial Solutions is capable of providing the right cleaning solution to meet your needs. We deliver high quality, cost-efficient services with experienced skilled professionals. Our Hydro Jetting Cleaning Services are for industrial equipment like;

  • Industrial Boilers Cleaning
  • Condensers Cleaning
  • Coatings Removal
  • Coolers Cleaning
  • Air Filter Cleaning
  • Pre-heaters Cleaning
  • Heat Exchanges Cleaning
  • Vessel Cleaning
  • Tubes and Pipe cleaning
  • Tank Cleaning
  • Sewer line and Drains cleaning
  • Fin Fan Cooler Hydro Jet Cleaning
  • Rig Floors and Offshore facilities Cleaning
  • Removal rubber deposits at airport run way
  • General Plant Maintenance
  • Turbine Blade Cleaning


  • Industrial Boilers Cleaning
  • Hydro jetting systems
  • Rotary in-pigment tank cleaning system
  • Flexible And Rigid Multiple Lance Feeders For Tube Cleaning
  • Blaboo system for tank cleaning
  • Chemical cleaning system
  • Dry ice system

Composite Wrap Services

MENL offer a wide range of composite wrapping & repair services designed to extend asset life by providing reactive, adaptable and cost-efficient repairs to a variety of steel structures in both offshore and onshore environments.

Our composite wrapping services are used to restore structural integrity and decrease the need for expensive shut downs and steel replacement. We offer structural steel repairs, pipeline repairs and leak sealing services.

Our Composite Wrapping services include;

  • Pipe reinforcement and compositional repair for external corrosion
  • Offshore/onshore composite external pipes repairs
  • Damage pipe reinforcement and composite repair for subsea
  • Risers Wrapping & Repair

MENL composite wrapping services offers important advantages by:

  • Reducing the need for costly steel replacements
  • Minimizing repair time
  • Providing fast and adaptable systems
  • Minimizing shutdown time
  • Stopping leakage
  • Providing emergency response

Our expertise and experience will benefit you.